Digital Media Management

Digital Media Marketing

Digital media is a two way street. This is where traditional marketing methods take a backseat, and true digital engagement takes the wheel. It’s about speaking TO the audience rather than talking AT them. Our social managers become the voice of your brand, interacting with the audience on your behalf, uplifting your name in their eyes, every step of the way.


Research and digital marketing goes hand-in-hand to drive forward the best ways to monitor, collect, analyze and interpret data to boost your business’ understanding your target markets and tailor strategies effectively.

Platform Strategy

Digital Marketing Platform empowers us to create measurable, unified, compelling experiences for customers, drive exposure, engagement, conversion and satisfaction in an agile, productive, efficient and effective way.

Execution Strategy

In order for a company to be successful, it needs people who can strategically execute. At GoLive we are the professionals who want to succeed in today’s digital marketplace with developed skills to execute strategically to create value for your organizations and brands.

Content Strategy

We define content marketing simply as: "Managing content as an asset to achieve marketing goals of reaching, converting and engaging target audiences".